The Potain MC 85B is a hammerhead tower crane with square 1.2m or 1.6m tower sections. Constructed on site usually with a mobile crane, out of small tower and jib sections with many different configuration options. Maximum freestanding 40 meters with a 1.2m and 1.6m tower combination. If required other freestanding options are available. Using a concrete gravity base or balusters generally described in the Potain data sheets. Can be controlled directly from the cab or remotely by the operator.



Max. jib radius - 50 m
Max. load - 5000 kg
Load at jib nose/Jib radius - 1300 kg 50 m
  - 1600 kg 45 m
  - 1900 kg 40 m
  - 2200 kg 35 m
  - 2500 kg 30 m
  - 3000 kg 25 m
  - 3900 kg 20 m