Labour Hire

Assessing the bottom line factors of your project can assist you in making the decision easier and help you assess the pros and cons of both wet and dry hire. Financial, quality, management and policy are important factors to consider when making these project decisions.

What is Wet Hire? Hiring equipment from us including an operator.

Wet Hire; We find that using our own operators usually means that they are more cautious and diligent with the equipment as they have a beneficial interest in the state of the equipment. As they are accustomed with the machinery there may be a reduced risk of user-caused onsite breakdowns, which assist in keeping your project on track. If you choose to wet hire you receive the "complete package". 

What is Dry Hire? Hiring equipment from us and sourcing your own operator.

Dry Hire; If using your own employees to operate the crane, they will have a visible understanding of the standard of work expectations.

Ultimately, the decision on whether you choose wet or dry hire is provisional to your needs and depends on the staff you have the piece of equipment you need to hire and your bottom line.